Vanish Skin Clinic

Eye Treatments

Eyes are undoubtedly a most attractive feature worth preserving. Good looking eyes can become overshadowed by lines, wrinkles or dark circles that distract rather than attract. A huge range of eye treatments have evolved for safe clinical use, and Vanish Skin Clinic is attuned to state of the art developments. Anti-aging eye treatments have been used for decades, and recent advancements in dermal filler applications make them useful in a number of facial applications.

What conditions are improved with eye treatments?

Loose skin, crows feet, hollows, dark circles and skin texture can all be markedly improved. Techniques include anti-wrinkle injections, micro needling and laser rejuvenation. A comprehensive consultation with trained Vanish Skin Clinic staff will determine a treatment plan that is right for you.

What eye treatment is suitable for crow's feet?

Anti-wrinkle injections are effective, and also very safe. They treat crow's feet, frown lines, forehead lines and marionette lines. Dermal fillers are a viable alternative for softening the appearance of lines, although natural aging will continue and repeat treatments will be required to maintain results.

What eye treatments are used for hollowness under the eyes?

Dermal fillers containing Hyaluronic acid (a natural skin component) assist by filling and lifting skin depressions. Dermal fillers are introduced using a fine cannula resulting in the appearance of revitalised, plump and healthy skin.

What eye treatments help with dark circles under the eyes?

Shadows are often created due to hollowness under the eyes. Dermal fillers will lift and tighten skin, creating a more even and sculpted facial appearance. In many cases dark circles cannot be completely removed, although there are techniques to dramatically improve appearance. Creams to reduce puffiness and swelling can be useful, as can treatments that encourage collagen production to restore skin density and health.

Can eye treatments repair loose skin?

There are several techniques that will tighten and improve loose skin. Methods can include laser resurfacing, laser rejuvenation. Procedures that encourage collagen and elastin development are often longer lasting due to their ability to revitalise and replenish skin, restoring it to health with new tissue production.

Are eye treatments safe?

All the procedures undertaken at Vanish Skin Clinic are performed by highly qualified and experienced practitioners. Only the most progressive technology and products are used in our dedicated clinical environment. Every means is taken to ensure a completely safe and rewarding experience.