Vanish Skin Clinic

Clinical Peels

Skin peels have been in use for decades to create glowing, youthful looking skin. Also known as clinical peels or chemical peels, skin peels come in a variety of styles and applications to treat a range of skin issues. A skin peel will correct pigmented skin, remove age spots, lessen scarring and greatly diminish wrinkles. Creating and maintaining healthy skin is achievable with the customised approach of talented staff at Vanish Skin Clinic. The choice of products to exfoliate and revitalise skin has never been greater, meaning there is every reason for you to look your very best.

Who is a suitable clinical peel candidate?

Anyone suffering from blotchy, wrinkly or sun-damaged skin will benefit from a facial peel. The appearance of acne and scarring is also greatly improved. A mild skin peel contains acids that cleans skin pores and correct skin pH.

Are all clinical peels the same?

There are quite a few facial peel variations according to the chemical used and the depth of skin requiring repair and regrowth. A light, medium or deep peel may be considered. Depending on requirements a clinical peel will penetrate into the epidermis or deeper dermis layer of skin.

What chemicals are used in a clinical peel?

A light peel may only need the assistance of acids found naturally in fruits and other food sources. Medium peels are deeper and reliant on more intensive peel action. Chemicals include Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) and Salicylic Acid.

How can a clinical peel make me look younger?

A skin peel can't stop aging but it can speed regrowth. Dermabrasion techniques remove old and dry skin from the top epidermis level, facilitating new growth from underneath. The forced emergence of new, healthy skin soon results in a fresh and clean skin appearance.

How long does a clinical peel take?

Your clinical peel will take approximately 30-60 minutes, overseen at all times by qualified and experienced clinicians.

What is the clinical peel procedure?

Firstly, your skin will be cleansed of any residual makeup or oils. A solution may be applied to allow maximum penetration of the peel chemical. Targeted areas may experience a slight burning sensation as the chemical dissolves older skin. The chemical is cleansed away after a few minutes and a soothing lotion applied.

How do I recover from a light clinical peel?

You will require little or no downtime, and many people return to regular activities immediately after a session at Vanish Skin Clinic. Avoid harsh sun and gently cleanse to enhance your smooth, soft skin. Improvements to skin health and tone continue for some time after a clinical peel, with great results becoming an attractive and permanent feature.