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Topics for Masters Projects and Thesis There are numerous research groups at the Departement of Physics which have Masters thesis projects available. Particle Physics and Cosmology Necessary requirements: lectures on "higher quantum mechanics" and on "theoretical elementary particle physics" Cosmology of the early universe and connections to particle physics Phenomenological implications of models for neutrino masses Mechanisms for generating the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe Flavour models in the context of grand unified theories.

Condensed Matter Theory Quantum transport theory of dots, mesoscopic structures Noise properties of mesoscopic structures Quantum information processing and error correction. Computational Physics Global minimum structure of Lennard-Jones Cluster The determination of the lowest energy structure of Lennard Jones clusters is a standard test case for algorithms that find the global minimum.

On the Internet there is a web-site where all the known lowest energy structures are deposited. There are strong indications that for many cluster sizes the lowest energy minimum has not yet been found. Climate KIC. Experimental and theoretical work ranges from extreme materials science and shock physics, through high energy density plasmas, laboratory astrophysics, laser-plasma based particle acceleration, ultra-high intensity laser-plasma role model essay examples, dusty plasmas, to magnetic and inertial confinement fusion.

The Institute of Shock Physics and Centre for Inertial Fusion provide a focus for research on extreme materials science and inertial confinement fusion, respectively. Relevant research in this group includes studies of the formation and evolution of dusty galaxies, studies of the formation of stars and planets, investigations into the habitability of planets forming around stars of varied types, the study of the Sun and Sun-like stars, quantification of the variability of the Sun for use in climate modelling, and the search for signs of biological activity within our own Solar System.

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