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It has been articulated that through harsh penalties, retribution is served for crimes committed and the offenders are put away from the society for a long time. In addition to this, harsh penalties acts as deterrence to would be offenders since an example is made of those who have already been convicted. By imposing harsh punishment, our society can mitigate or even completely get rid of child abusers therefore guarantying a good life for the children.

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Reference Dav10n. Work Cited Dav10n. Bibliography Dav10n. But not all of us are bad. But its very hard to convince otherwise. Because so many rapists go off so easily, there are so many of them walking freely in society. Even death is fair. Just as weeds destroy the useful plants in a field, rapists destroy women in society.

Weeds and rapists should both be removed. The level of punishment for rapists is exactly what it should be. Though officially, rapists are only serving a certain number of years for their crime, their time served is much harder than other criminals.

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For example, a burglar can go in and do his time without much confrontation from other inmates. Rapists, and specifically child abusers, face constant brutalization by other inmates. I think the punishment fits the crime. So drunken college students in their first week of school deserves to die or be castrated? If consent was a meh or both parties were unable to remember all of what happened?

Child Abuse: A case for Imposing Harsher Punishments to Child Abusers Research Paper

I am just saying it is not so black and white and neither is the evidence. And with tinder culture really ramping up where do you draw the line. You go to someone or invite them over and the expectations become murky. I just think our moral judgements have persuasice essay be calibrated a little more. This is one of the only crimes where the accused have little to no due process and little to no evidence.

I say it is a conversation. Rape is bad. I was raped repeatedly for two years. If allowed to define the punishment for my rapist it would be something like boiled in oil.

But that's because I'm thinking more with my emotions. Rape is one of those crimes that invokes emotions and inervates our desire for revenge. After many years of healing I believe now that we need to treat rapists if not most criminals as patients who need treatment.

If we did that our focus including funding in the scientific world would be for cure and prevention. And we will ultimately make - by far - the greatest advancement towards reduction if not elimination of crimes.

By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search. Post Your Opinion. Until researchers, clinicians, and parents can definitively demonstrate the presence of positive effects of corporal punishment, including effectiveness in halting future misbehavior, not just the absence of negative effects, we as psychologists can not responsibly recommend its use.

Corporal punishment remains a part of homes and parenting in the US, but it also continues to be allowed in public schools by law in 19 states. Over the past two seasons the NFL has raised public awareness about bullying, domestic violence, and child abuse. But we have mostly failed to acknowledge the cultural embracing of violence in the USoften for entertainment, or our willingness to tolerate harsh and punitive attitudes toward children we will not accept among adults.

The personal and professional consequences facing Rice and Peterson remain in essays lord of the flies and worthy of debate. But corporal punishment itself does not.

This piece is part of a global series, Domestic violence and sports, which examines how different sports across the world are dealing with the issues of family violence and respect for women. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

Paul ThomasFurman University.I was fuming. All because of my annoying and careless sister, my birthday present had run off! I stood up and glared at her before storming off into my room, banging shut and locking it behind me. It was an accident! She had no intention to do that! Through a crack in the door I saw my sobbing sister scanning the ground for the little critter.

I felt so guilty. They rushed to close all the doors so it could not escape, when my sister ran out of my view towards the direction of the kitchen. When she came back, she crouched down with treats in her hand to try to entice and lure the hamster out of its hiding spot under the couch. At that moment, I flung the door open and darted towards my sister who was cupping the hamster gingerly in her hands nibbling on the pumpkin seed. I hung my head in shame and apologized for being so rash and for lashing out at them.

I also promised them that I hockey essays not fly off the handle again. My sister child abusers should be harshly punished essay placed her hand on my shoulder and apologized profusely for startling me.

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I also thanked my parents for the wonderfully cute gift. I learnt that a handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains and that we are stronger working as a team.

The day that Mary had been waiting for had finally arrived. She had been keeping the secret for weeks now and it was killing her to keep it from her unsuspecting brother.

She could not see the look on his face when he finally receives his present. Her older brother, Gary, has always had a big heart. He is probably the kindest person anyone has ever known and Mary idolises him a lot. He is very passionate about sports and especially basketball. To their dismay, he broke his leg when he represented his school to compete in the National Basketball Tournament and neighbourhood essay to pull out from the tournament.

He was defeated by his injury as the road to recovery was long and arduous. He had to undergo surgery to insert to hold his bones together and disappointment essay to attend physiotherapy sessions to help him to regain his ability to walk again.

Needless to say, he could not play sports for a long time. In the weeks that followed after the surgery, Gary became very withdrawn and they could see that he was very badly affected by the accident.

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His parents decided to give him a surprise to cheer him up. Mary was over the moon when she found out what they had planned. They had decided to get him a dog. He had been begging to have a pet for the longest time and Mary guessed her parents finally relented upon seeing how despondent he had been after the injury.

She had accompanied her parents to select the puppy. They instructed her not to breathe a word about it to her brother. They paid for the dog and made an appointment to come back and pick it up two weeks later. That fateful day finally arrived. Shortly after, his father returned with a huge box containing their pet.

She gestured him to sit on the couch and announced that they had a big surprise for him. By then Mary was bursting with excitement and was doing all she could to contain herself. Their mother then told Gary that they buy thesis theme a gift for him but he had to guess what it was.

She then used her hands to cover his eyes while their father opened the box for Gary to place his hand in. As Gary groped around in the box, Mary could see a smile slowly creep onto his face as he touched the soft disappointment essay of a dog.

Their mother hockey essays her hands from his face and Gary met his new pet. Gary was like a dog with two tails. He carried the dog out of box gingerly. The animal wagged its tail and liked his left hand, much to his delight.

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Gary turned and thanked his parents his parents for the wonderful gift and gave them a hug each. In the weeks that followed, two of them became fast friends. They had no time for me, just work!

I felt as if I did not matter to them. What mattered was they earned enough money. Another disappointment was when I was fourteen years old.

It was quite a tough year for me. As usual, my parents were away at work. Alone at home with my two younger siblings, I had to take up the responsibility of taking care of them. However, my sister had undesirable friends and this led to problems. She started demanding money from my parents, giving hundreds of excuses why she needed it. Sad to say, it was all a lie. There was once my friends secretly told me that she was treating her friends. Treating them with meals, clothes and even providing them with pocket money.

I didnt know how to explain all this to my parents. Should they be informed? Till now, I do not know whether I should at that point in time have told them. I didn't out of shortest phd thesis physics kind of loyalty to my sister and happily she got over this immature persuasice essay. Lastly, the disappointment which hurt me the most happened when I was sixteen.

Everyone forgot my birthday! It leaves the reader thinking, "Wait, that was the first disappointment, what was the second? They may, however have been relatively small ones, compared with something life-threatening like cancer. But haven't you ever been lied to by a friend, or not won a spelling bee, or had to watch your school's team lose an important game, or wanted something for your birthday that you didn't receive?

Even the small everyday disappointments of life can be interesting if you write about them in enough detail that the reader will know how you felt.

I hope this helps! Thanks, Sarah, EssayForum. The first disappointment which Disappointment essay faced was when i first knew that my mother had cancer.

Tears welled in my eyes.

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